Live Looping As Applied Technoshamanism at Moogfest 2016

by Michael Garfield

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This “masterclass” I taught at Moogfest 2016 covers my occult philosophy of loop-based music, drills into some tech specifics for performance, and dallies in some fun experiments with my Boss RC-505 loop station, Kala U-Bass, Keith McMillen K-Board, and Beyerdynamic M88-TG microphone.

Topics covered include:

• How to be your own whole Citadel of Ricks
• Recursion, reiteration, and live looping as the Crucifixion of what is and what could be
• The emergence of order from chaos – inviting randomness into the matrix
• An alchemy of elemental energies in improvised live composition
• Technical considerations and gear suggestions
• Hacking the audience’s attention
• Multichannel live production as the blending of different sonic spaces
• Pedalboard vs. Ableton Live for Looping - opinions

For more direct and personal instruction, I’m available for private lessons over Skype – send me an email ( if you’re interested!

Dig into my libraries of looping music – solo and in MIDI-synchronized large groups – at


released September 25, 2017




Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Lush, atmospheric, and ecstatic tunes erupting from the intersection of acoustic and electronic music – pedal-heavy. percussive acoustic guitar psych-western Cosmic Americana. Marrying the singer-solo-guitarist and electronic live producer, Michael welcomes listeners into driving and dynamic, emotional and groovy spaces spanning folk tradition and the avant-garde. ... more

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