While We Wait: Solo Acoustic Demos

by Michael Garfield

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Thank you for being so patient while I get around to actually recording that album I've been talking about for ten years...

I'm already embarrassed by these year-old recordings, honestly. The songs have already come so far from these early scratch takes. And this doesn't even include the other 7 songs on the upcoming album. But you can expect a complete solo acoustic version of this album as a companion to the fully-produced-in-all-its-splendor version, when the time comes. Meanwhile, here are five tracks I recorded quickly so I could submit them to a folk songwriting contest. Thanks for listening...

A note on the album art: Dig those fresh black skid marks. This was I-35 after New Year's, stalled for miles behind us because of the ten-car pileup just off-screen, in which we were very nearly car eleven. Missed it by twenty feet in that awful little shoulderless workzone and its concrete barriers, listening to shuddering wheels and breaking glass, and watching semi-trucks careen first left, then right, and somehow not one person died or even seriously hurt themselves, but we all stayed there in the growing cold and dark and joked and shot the shit and wondered at it all.

When you have nowhere else to go, play music.


released February 25, 2016




Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Lush, atmospheric, and ecstatic tunes erupting from the intersection of acoustic and electronic music – pedal-heavy. percussive acoustic guitar psych-western Cosmic Americana. Marrying the singer-solo-guitarist and electronic live producer, Michael welcomes listeners into driving and dynamic, emotional and groovy spaces spanning folk tradition and the avant-garde. ... more

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