by Michael Garfield

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Sandias 06:13
Flickering 04:42
Oversoul 06:51
Body of a dying caterpillar living blueprint of a butterfly microcosmic birth and killing weaving in a particle of living light The ingression of transcendence and resistance of the way things are The event horizons all unfolding rolling into boddhisattvic awe Yes, we, I, they, it, you too No known, no, to know except the whole Larva and imago both in dream truth Armies joined within our oversoul
You wanna talk the erosion of privacy? Any hill goes, you're bound to find some bones in there. The holy mountain of the separate self Falls into ocean like an ice shelf. None of it comes with any anomie, A bloom of novelty and sunlight, not enemies. But as our skeletons become transparent, We would be scared if we weren't sharing it.
Hopeful (free) 07:55
Time trickled away and after that everything that came before seemed insignificant No afflictions, no predictions or prophecies None of it made sense to me We were changed
Park your car at the edge of the street Park your house at the edge of your life And dry your eyes tonight
Neverland 06:03


My score to moments dark and luminous, profound and playful... Music that transcends the boundaries between the electronic and acoustic, artifice and wilderness, deep chill and visionary ecstasy. Headphones recommended.

Recorded live without studio overdubs on tour in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas from June to October 2014.


"Michael’s tracks are experimentally symphonic, layered to perfection, pleasing to the ears, as if Mozart and Random Rab did a mashup series, while taking a stroll through the forest. Sophisticated. Bending the lines of spirituality, electronic technology, and organic instruments, while embracing the intricacies of sound, and not pushing the barriers of volume, Garfield knows what he is doing, and he is damn good at it!"
– Souls In Action

"Like walking through a cathedral being constructed before your eyes. Stained glass shiftin' around and mutating with digital light statues."
– Chance Roberts

"'Hopeful' is so amazing! It made me tear up within the first two minutes and had made it into my top twenty favorite songs of ever by halfway through."
– Xandrie Sampson

"A great wake up soundtrack. Your music is so thoughtful, it would be amazing to collaborate with you as a movement artist..."
– Nnedi Nebula





Michael Garfield Santa Fe, New Mexico

Singer-songwriter, avant-guitarist, and electronic live producer all at once, Michael's dynamic live shows and intricate albums takes listeners on emotional trips spanning folk tradition and the avant-garde.

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