Light & Shadow: Unplugged Across America

by Michael Garfield

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The Light & Shadow Tour is a six-week national event combining music, lectures, and documentary film-making from investigative journalist Charles Shaw and visionary artist Michael Garfield as they engage communities across the US in conversation about the role of the unconscious in personal and cultural transformation.

As the two traverse some of North America's most gorgeous terrain, Michael is pausing at various roadside wonders to record spontaneous acoustic performances of songs both old and new. These tracks chronicle, in album form, the video series Michael records as a "digital fossil" of this continent's vast expanses...

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Watch the videos:

01 - "When The Orbit Curtain Falls"
at White Mountain Fire Overlook, Washington

02 - "Tin Heart"
at Heaven on Earth Restaurant, Oregon

03 - "Autocatalysis"
at Mill Spring, North Carolina

04 - "It Hurts So We're Not Dead"
at North Umpqua River Dam, Oregon

05 - "Offering Hands"
at the Salt Fork of the Brazos River, Texas





Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

At once a singer-songwriter, avant-guitarist, and electronic live producer, Michael takes listeners on intricate, dynamic, and emotional trips spanning folk tradition and the avant-garde.

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Track Name: It Hurts So We're Not Dead (Day 11)
when love's first blush is gone
the fruit has fallen off
and we're left scratching heads
it hurts so we're not dead
when weariness sets in
and fame is wearing thin
so soon do we forget
it hurts so we're not dead
when we are disconnect
we don't feel, just expect
and we're not full, just fed
it hurts so we're not dead
when even pain is old
and doesn't hurt as should
and we're desperate to be bled
it hurts so we're not dead

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