Avalon Through Glass: Live at Gratifly Music & Arts Festival

by Michael Garfield

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"Welcome to the future...Michael is a pioneer exploring the edge realms where the electric and old world meet...the modern equivalent of Charlie Parker blowing out his soul into the smoky nights of the 1940’s."
- LostInSound, bit.ly/mgatgratiflyreview

Improvised on guitar, voice, and effects at Gratifly Music & Arts Festival on the LostInSound.org Synergy Stage, 26 July 2013 (Carl Jung & Aldous Huxley's birthday). This chronicles, in its entirety, the first concert ever streamed through Google Glass over video chat and projected back on stage, creating an artist-audience feedback loop!

Lyrics are from poems turned into song on the spot. All instrumental sounds are from live guitar and hardware processing (no computers). The Glass was ceremonially consecrated that evening to ensure its use as an instrument of good.

Listen to this loud on big speakers...preferably during a storm.

Watch Michael explain the Glass video feedback loop:

Michael's Burning Man 2013 lecture on the implications of Glass:

Special thanks to my Indiegogo campaign supporters:
Adam Scott Miller, Alan Wood, Allan Badiner, Asa Henderson, Austin W. Lucas, Ben Gordon, Billy Mays III, Brett Bonnist, Brett Thomas, Brian Hampton, Candy Hogrefe, Carl Jacobson, Chelsea Schulz, Christopher Ergen, Cody Westerlund, Connor Wood, Dan Sockrider, David Hyde, David Swirsky, Diana Martinez, Douglas Tataryn, Eliza R. Williams, Erin O'Brien, Evan Snyder, George Crosby, Harlan Emil Gruber, Isabella Melo, Jason White, Jessica Nielson, Joey Walter, John Harrison, Jonathan Zap, Jordan Allen, Jordan Sadler, Joseph Chang, Josh Audiss, Kevin Seagraves, Kristen Wood, Kylie stein, Lawrence Wang, Lindsey Wilkinson, Marcello Herreshoff, Marya Stark, Michael William Benton, Molly Gardner, Nick Kampe, Patrick Gomez, Phil Osophical, Philip Heath, Richard Guerra, Robin Arnott, Ryan Meredith, Sandra Lam, Sebastian Siegel, Simon Haiduk, Stephen C. Drena, Steven Sampson, Sven Jorgensen, Tara Fahmie, Taylor Steelman, Thomas Stokes, Tristan Gulliford, Tyler Kimbro, Ursula Anderson, Vance Feldman
...we did it! igg.me/at/mgglass

Dedicated to Donna Merrill.

Glass is a trademark of Google Inc.


released October 30, 2013

Website: michaelgarfield.net
Facebook: facebook.com/michaelgarfieldart
Instagram: instagram.com/michaelgarfield
Booking: michaelgarfield@gmail.com

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Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Lush, atmospheric, and ecstatic tunes erupting from the intersection of acoustic and electronic music – pedal-heavy. percussive acoustic guitar psych-western Cosmic Americana. Marrying the singer-solo-guitarist and electronic live producer, Michael welcomes listeners into driving and dynamic, emotional and groovy spaces spanning folk tradition and the avant-garde. ... more

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