1. The Cyclist/Throwing Sparks

  2. 21st Century Romance: Digital Music for Analog Love

  3. Yellow Leaves [EP]

  4. Love Scenes & Field Recordings

  5. Golden Hour: A Cyberacoustic Summer Daydream

  6. 2014.03.19 Wake The Dead (San Marcos, TX)

  7. 2014​.​03​.​05 Lanai Rooftop Lounge (Austin, Texas)

  8. 2014.02.15 Tantra Coffee (San Marcos, TX)

  9. 2014​.​02​.​07 Mindzai Creative (Austin, Texas)

  10. 2014.02.06 Scottish Rite Theatre (Austin, TX)

  11. 2014​.​02​.​04 Triple Crown (San Marcos, Texas)

  12. 2014​.​01​.​01 Reunion Party (Austin, Texas)

  13. B Universe: Experiments & Outtakes

  14. Live on Valentine's Day

  15. Live at Whip In

  16. I Miss You And It's Okay: Live at Burning Man 2013

  17. Earth Song For Sky Dance [EP]

  18. Avalon Through Glass: Live at Gratifly Music & Arts Festival

  19. This Never Happened

  20. Live in Longhorn Cavern

  21. Live at The Center SF 2013.05.09

  22. Day Owl Vol. I

  23. City of Jewels [EP]

  24. Just You And I: Live At Flipnotics

  25. Arts In Context: Sky Candy [Soundtrack]

  26. Evolution & Guitar

  27. Deleted Scenes [EP]

  28. Hypnotoad: A Cyberacoustic Midnight Meditation [EP]

  29. An Aria for ABIA: Live at Austin Airport

  30. Halcyon Days: A Winter Solstice Mix

  31. A Million Anniversaries: Cyberacoustic Guitar for Lovemaking

  32. The Body Electric

  33. Glass Chrysanthemum

  34. Vanishing Act [EP]

  35. Rites of Passage: Live at Burning Man

  36. Alive in the Zone of the Rose

  37. Live At Eight Thousand Feet

  38. Alive With You

  39. Light & Shadow: Unplugged Across America

  40. Undergrowth: Electronic Improvisations On Acoustic Guitar [EP]

  41. Daylighting: Electronic Improvisations On Acoustic Guitar [EP]

  42. Live From Entheon Village

  43. Live From Zero Point

  44. Scapegoat: Live Loopscapes

  45. Double-Edged Sword [EP]

  46. Get Used To Being Everything

  47. Rainbows At Night

  48. Youtube Recordings


Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Michael's acoustic-electronic "cyberballadry" puts music to the vision of 21st Century transformational culture – weaving analog and digital, past and future, artist and audience, nature and technology into transcendent cross-media performances on the frontier of human consciousness. ... more

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